FREE printable Valentines :) Enjoy


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I spent a while making tiny painting PRINTABLE Valentines 2013

(click on link to download)

for my sons’ valentines this holiday… and I just couldn’t do that much work with out sharing these “punny” Little cards

3-valentines 3 2

Get some card stock and print ’em out yourself! Enjoy!


All I ask is that you let me know where you used them.

in the comments or email me Kellylangleycook (at) gmail (dot) com


MUCH LOVE to you



Judge a book by its cover series:


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As a challenge I am going to create one brand new painting a – day on old book covers

With that I give you the series: judge a book by it’s cover
original acrylic paintings on reclaimed book covers

I love to create out of re-purposed materials
I often draw on book pages of torn and tattered books

The covers make incredible canvases- durable, bright, textured and unique as well as light weight and easy to frame or hang.

Tutorial: Making tiny art out of old slides


I love finding a use in improbable objects. I found a box of automatic slide changing metal holders at the Habitat for Humanity store (My favorite) and immediately saw mini frames!



using cardboard from one of the boys’ toy boxes, I sliced each piece in to 2″ tiny canvases. I made sure to measure and fit a few pieces into the slides to make sure they fit before cutting them all (a lesson I wish I could say I didn’t have to learn the hard way from previous projects)


Plain squares look great with the kraft-paper brown but…Image

I also thought I would paint some white, to make a more traditional “canvas” look


the first time I slid the cardboard in I noticed it was scratching the sides of the paint, so I loaded all the “canvases” into the “frames” before I started painting, so I wouldn’t scratch completed artwork.


these two x two tiny frames have a ton of possibilities: photographs, collage, painting… I chose to do some holiday and winter drawings as a way of preparing for the upcoming winter/holiday season on etsy.comImage

And voila! I have tiny paintings- already framed. If I attach ribbon or string they will make great tree ornaments. :)

Structures Human Poetry Project


I was so excited to participate in Wes Bruce’s latest project: 

Here are some of the instructions: 

“Think of a significant structure from any chapter of your life: 

(A home or room in a home, a hospital room, classroom, workplace, crawlspace, fort, tent, place of worship, prison cell, makeshift shelter, funeral home, etc.) 

1. The the parts of the structure that interact with your senses. i.e. The parts you can touch, smell, hear, taste, and see. Please be as detailed and specific as you can in your descriptions. 

Now Describe: 
2. The invisible connections to the structure: any stories that happen(ed) in relation to this structure. Describe the memories, emotions, thoughts, fears, hopes, that live there. Do you associate this building with a particular feeling? What other people(s) are part of this story? Please be as detailed, specific, and personal as you can. Be bold and tell your story wholeheartedly. 

What is your relationship with that structure today? Do you see it regularly, or when was the last time you saw it in person? What has happened to you, the other people, and the structure since then? How often do you think about it? Please include with your letter any photos or drawings that will to help better tell your story, along with anything else. i.e. keys, a lock of hair, or any other appropriate mementos.”

I had no idea how meaningful it would be for me to sit down and really evaluate a building and my relationship to it. 

I sent this giant letter


You can see more here

and participate yourself. If you do, post a link or a picture of YOUR letter in the comments. 

Much love!


Teacher’s pet


So… as a teacher AND an artist, my favorite back to school thing to do is decorate my classroom. Unfortunately, most of the decoration material is too young or too… um… dorky (?). So, I fixed my own problem. Voila! Poster prints at a super affordable price- 6 for $60 with 21 choices. Take that boring classroom



See details or order your set: